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Company Profile

Active Captive Management (ACM), an Acrisure Partner, specializes in the formation and management of captive insurance companies for the middle market.

Since 2005, Active Captive Management has provided alternative risk solutions, formation and management services to a wide range of operating companies. As an independent captive manager, ACM values the strategic alliances and partnerships with our client’s advisors and representatives. As each client is unique, the design of specialized captive risk solutions must be tailored appropriately to those specific risks. Combining over three decades of insurance experience, ACM provides risk transfer solutions in the following industries; Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Distribution and Warehousing, Engineering, Food and Beverage, Fuel and Oil, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing, Nursing Homes, Real Estate Development and Technology.


Captive Insurance Experience beyond Convention

Consider the alternatives to traditional insurance without experiencing a sales driven philosophy to providing transfer, financing and captive management risk options. Consider Active Captive Management.

Captive Insurance as an alternative risk management strategy is being used by more than half of the Fortune 500 US and multinational corporations.

ACM provides smaller or medium size companies a clear definition of a viable captive, assessing our clients risk exposure and financing objectives.

ACM provides the expertise to form, manage and operate your captive, enabling ownership to retain focus on primary business entities, while engaging a team of experts in the captive industry to effectively manage the compliance, regulations and financial aspects of the supporting captive.

At Active Captive Management, we believe that Captive Client Services are not relegated solely to formed captive relationships; rather our customized Captive service begins at the initial conversation with our client’s.

Active Captive Management’s highly skilled team of professionals understand that the key to proper captive evaluation begins with a detailed analysis of our clients business entity, risk exposure and financial benefit of selecting a risk alternative solution.

Our firm provides comprehensive management services encompassing, insurance policy underwriting and administration, claims processing, company accounting and captive regulatory compliance management.



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